Welcome to Imam Gazzali Academy

A Centre for Islamic Thoughts and Research

Imam Gazzali Academy is a premium institute in Kerala for Islamic theology, liberal arts and social sciencesEstablished in 1999, this pioneering centre for Islamic thoughts is owned and managed by Wayanad Muslim Orphanage, a leading religious minority institute in India which was established in 1967. IGA aims to build a generation of morally committed intellectual, spiritual and professional leaders who are well-versed in the Islamic scholarly tradition and competent with the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.


To mould Islamic scholars capable of leading the community socially, politically and internationally towards the desired goal. To propagate peaceful messages of Islam by diverse means and ways among all sections of people. To ensure adequate presence of the community in all spheres including representative democracy, bureaucracy, diplomacy, administration etc. To create a generation to volunteer to shoulder the responsibility of leading the community and the world towards the shore of spirituality. To enable Muslims to learn and internalize knowledge from a broad Islamic intellectual perspective.

Vision and Mission

Imam Gazzali Academy aims at moulding socially inclined, morally and ethically upright generation for tomorrow. It also aims at providing authentic and scholarly leadership to assure the representation of Muslim community in educational, cultural, social and political fields of the society and to become a centre of excellence especially in Islamic thoughts.


Affiliation to Jamia Nooriya Arabiyya. Alim al Gazzali degree along with degree from a recognized government university. Multilingual studies, personality development and training in teaching, elocution and communication. Elaborate library, computer lab and research centre. Vast campus with modern infrastructure facilities.