About Us

Imam Gazzali Academy is a premium institute in Kerala for Islamic theology, liberal arts and social sciences. The message transpired from the Cordoba-model minaret in IGA is clear: the legacy of learning buried alive in Cordoba of Muslim Spain should be disinterred through a deep and extensive learning both in the religious and liberal disciplines. Established in 1999, this pioneering centre for Islamic thoughts is owned and managed by Wayanad Muslim Orphanage, a leading religious minority institute in India which was established in 1967. IGA aims to build a generation of morally committed intellectual, spiritual and professional leaders who are well-versed in the Islamic scholarly tradition and competent with the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.

Imam Gazzali Academy aims to establish itself as a centre of Muslim renaissance by educating and preparing morally committed intellectual, professional and spiritual leaders to ensure the stake of the community in the educational, cultural and socio-political spheres and to play an active role in the nation-building process.