The eight year course is formed in three sections called departments. The first year is utilized for building a solid foundation in languages, theology, science, humanities, communication skills and general awareness. The second phase is junior section extending to four years In which the students go deep to the horizons of knowledge and skills. Three years are set aside for the senior section of the course in which the students become capable for handling different languages, propagating Islam as for the needs in the society, more over the successful completion of the course capitalizes the learners to grab opportunities to study and research in universities across the globe.

Co-curricular activities

In order to shape and sharpen the potentials of the students various educational, religious and intellectual sessions, arts and sports meets are conducted at regular intervals. Eminent scholars, academicians, legal and political experts, writers and trainers are invited to the campus to have interaction with the students. In addition to these, publication of magazines, elocution, debates, seminars, discussions, paper presentation etc are conducted.

Language studies

With the view to propagate the holy and serene messages of Islam beyond borders, the college provides the students opportunities to learn different languages Including Arabic, English, Malayalam, Urdu and Hindi. Experienced and efficient professors including native speakers supervise and monitor the language studies.

Digital classroom and information technology

Advanced modern computer lab and digital classrooms are facilitated in the campus to provide wider and deeper atmosphere of knowledge. As the part of computer education various diploma courses are offered to the students

Student Association

IGASA (imam Gazzali Academy Students Association) is a creature platform which actively works to enrich the multi-faceted talents and potentials of the students. It undertakes various activities including literary meet, debates, discussions, seminar presentations, publication of magazines etc.